Mordor MUD Troubleshooting Guide

See also the Mordor FAQ, Tips and the Windows FAQ for more information.

This guide is devoted to discussing the most frequent problems with setting up Mordor. If you have questions that are not answered adeduately here please post your question to Isenhelp's message forum.

In addition, there is a low volume list-server for Mordor administrators. You can get more information by sending email to

This guide is brand new as of March 17, 1996, and thus will be improved as more questions get asked. It has been revised to account for the new release of Mordor version 4.0.

  1. I type mordor and it doesn't run.

    Did you make sure that it is in the proper directory heirachy? If you didn't compile a version yourself, it MUST reside in the /home/mordor path. If you cannot run it in this directory, or the binary is incompatible with your system you'll need to compile your own version.

  2. mordor runs okay, but when I log in the room has no exits, and I see 'File could not be opened.' error.

    Check your paths. Be sure that if you are running mordor under WinNT that you put the mordor.exe binary in the bin/ directory. It is located in bin/NT after you unzip it, and needs to be moved to bin/ for mordor to work. Also, check to see that the log/news file exits. This is the first file shown just after login.

  3. mordor copiles okay, but when I try to log in it crashes right after asking my password.

    This is the most common problem seen, and can be caused by a number of things:

    • First, check your PATHS in mtype.h. Make sure that they are set to match the path for the account or directory that is running the server. For example, if mtype.h states c:\home\mordor, then you must have the executable started in c:\home\modor\bin. If you want to change this you need to compile a binary for yourself, after making changing mtype.h

    • Second, Make sure that you have a rooms/r00001 file. This is the first room you will drop into after character creation. If it does not exist the server will crash. You can create a new Room #1 (rooms/r00001 file) by using the editor.

    • Third, check to make sure that your database is compatible with your particular machine. The database included with the standard release is in binary format for the 80x86 processor line. You can check to see if your machine is incompatible with the database by erasing (rm) the file rooms/r00001, and creating Room #1 with the editor. If this fixes your problem then you need to make a compatible database for your particular platform.
      NOTE: You will also need to create all the monster and object files as well.
      You can create your own database by deleting all the room, object and monster files and creating your own. These files are kept in rooms/ and objmon/, with the object files named as o00-o04 and the monster files as m00-m04.
         If you want to use the stock database, you will need to get the ascii version and the ascii to binary converter, which is included with the distribution.

  4. The game runs fine for about 6 hours and then shuts down, how can I 'fix' this?

    This is a builtin 'feature' of Mordor. This allows you to run a backup routine without overloading the system while the game is running. You can change this by changing the AUTOSHUTDOWN setting in the file. You can also use the *shut command to set the time to shutdown at a very high value (it takes the value in seconds).

  5. When i execute the mordor.exe file, i only get a dos window in which you can't type anything. I have followed all the instructions (like the path) and typing mordor and so on but nothing works.

    Once you have the dos window activated, minimize it to your menu bar. You cannot do anything with this dos window except hit ^C to kill the process. After you have it running you can activate a telnet session to log into the game on port 4040 (i.e. telnet localhost 4040) just as if you were logging into a normal mud. If you don't know what telnet is, then its time to learn. Go to a search page and learn about telnet. Several decent telnet clients for WinNT can be found at Winsite; Just search for 'telnet client'.