Mordor for MS Windows FAQ

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Please note that as of Mordor 6.x we do not include support for any Microsoft operating systems. You can run Mordor on these systems but do need to compile your own binary.
See question #6 below for information on compiling Mordor for your Windows system.

  1. Mordor doesn't seem to work on my MS Win 95/98 machine. What's up?

    Mordor doesn't run on Win95/98. It is only for UNIX and NT.

  2. I can't seem to get Mordor registered as my NT MUD service. What do I need to do?

    Check the syntax of the Service.exe command with 'Service.exe /?'. You should provide the path to the mordor program (c:\home\mordor\bin) so that it can be registered as your MUD service. Once that is complete you can start the MUD services with the Control Panel\Services control.

  3. When I execute the mordor.exe file, I only get a dos window in which you can't type anything. I have followed all the instructions (like the path) and typing mordor and so on but nothing works.

    Once you have the dos window activated, minimize it to your menu bar. You cannot do anything with this dos window except hit ^C to kill the process. After you have it running you can activate a telnet session to log into the game on port 4040 (i.e. telnet localhost 4040) just as if you were logging into a normal mud. If you don't know what telnet is, then its time to learn. Go to a search page and learn about telnet. Several decent telnet clients for MS WinNT can be found at Winsite; Just search for 'telnet client'.

  4. Mordor runs okay, but when I log in the room has no exits, and I see 'File could not be opened.' error.

    Check your paths. Be sure that if you are running mordor under MS WinNT that you put the mordor.exe binary in the bin/ directory. It is located in bin/NT after you unzip it, and needs to be moved to bin/ for mordor to work. Also, check to see that the log/news file exits. This is the first file shown just after login.

  5. How do I get a listing of rooms, monsters, and objects? When I try to use the *list command, it says that this is not implemented in the MS Windows version.

    Due to the design of MS Windows, we cannot support certain commands yet. In order to get a listing, please use the list.exe command from within a DOS prompt. This will provide the same output as the *list command.

  6. How do I compile Mordor under MS Windows95/NT?


    Visual C++ or working knowledge of differences between VC++ and your compiler of choice. (We used Visual C++ 4.0 with no additional header libraries.)

    Changes that need to be made:

    This depends on which version of the source code you have. If it's the newest distribution nothing needs to be done. Get a compiler and try to compile it. If you dont have the latest distribution, then download the newest code.

    You can also use the Cygwin compiler if you don't have one already and don't want to pay money for one.

    Don't forget to change the path and dm names in if you want.

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